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At Logixcare of Miami we offer a range of IT support solutions and design services to assist you in creating or adapting your small business website according to your different needs. The table below compares the different types of website design services we offer.

Small Business Website Design Package Comparison Gold Platinum


Full Website Creation and Set Up:

We will custom design and write your first 12-25 user-friendly web pages. We will ensure that these pages are clear, concise, graphically appealing and will achieve their goal of attracting prospective clients to email, phone or make appointments to visit you, as well as buy or at least make further enquiries about your products and/or services.

We will use your regular marketing materials as our starting point and include videos, photographs and other information to create a visually attractive, easy-to navigate website that can be adapted and expanded as your business prospers.

12 Pages 25 Pages


Converting your Website for use with Mobile Phones:
Our expert designers will adapt your current website to make it easy to read and use on a mobile phone – with features such as maps, hot phone connections and big touch buttons so that your prospective clients can contact you no matter where they roam.



Enhance your Photos:
If you already have your text but need to improve your visuals we can supply and insert as many professional photographs as you need that will enhance your image and make your website more instantly appealing and accessible.

15 Stock Photos 30 Stock Photos


Improved, Custom-Designed, Side Banner Graphics:
Attractive and well designed customized side banners are a great way to grab the attention of your prospective clients and can add instant appeal to a word-heavy web site.






Use a Slide Show of Photos to Tell Your Personal Story:
Our team of designers can artistically combine 5 or 6 slides of your choice within your text to add that true-life touch to your own story (we can also provide photos to illustrate your story if you prefer).

Personalised Website Header:
Your website header is the first image that most prospective clients will see so it needs to be instantly attractive, graphically appealing and reflect your company and what you do. We can combine your logo with graphics and various fonts to make an instantly recognisable customised website header that will encourage your viewers to read on and find out more…


Unique, Fully-Customised Website Design:
Our designers will work in close consultation with you to turn your logo, marketing materials and any branding elements of your choice into a totally unique, fully-customised website that is attractive, artistically cohesive and comprehensive. You can proof every page as we go, and we'll make ALL the changes you request so that your final website is totally customised and complies with your design specifications in every way.



Complete, Strategic Team Support:
With this top of the range, Platinum Package you will have access to the entire Logixcareof Miami IT support team who will consult individually and collectively with you to create your website from scratch. We have specialised project managers, creative directors, website strategists, graphic and web designers, specialists in search engine optimisation (SEO) and content writers (for an additional fee). With our team approach we will be to create an effective website that attracts and retains viewers, gets you frequent repeat business, and conveys your message in an effective way so that the maximum number of visitors are converted into clients.



Pages Designed to be Search Engine Friendly (SEO):
We will adjust or build your website so that it is search engine friendly. This means that your page structures and URLs will be designed to attract large numbers of visitors by including lots of basic keywords within each individual page as well as the most sought after title-tags, meta keywords and meta descriptions that will soon have your site and individual pages ranking among the top ten.

12 Pages 25 Pages

LogixCare's professional IT consultants offer small businesses in Miami, Miramar, Broward and nearby locations affordable computer repairs, IT solutions, network support, disaster recovery programs and other IT support services.

Website Builder & Manager Features
World Class Web Builder & Content Manager
Easily add pages, photos, slideshows, video,contacts and more using the Stellaractive Web Builder.
Rackspace Hosting
You are hosted with America's #1 hosting company Rackspace and their Zero-Downtime Network™ guarantee.
Excellent Customer Service
Customer Service is very important to us. We support you through our extensive knowledge base, video tutorials, FAQ section, phone and email..
We Host Unlimited Pages and Photos
You can add as many website pages and photos to your website as you need without additional hosting charges. All uploaded photos will be stored in your website photo library.
Mobile Website with QR Codes
Your customers will view your complete website in a mobile friendly format when your customer is on the go! Your dynamic HTML5 website automatically adjusts for mobile users with touch features: large buttons, hot call now and a map it now button. We will generate a QR Code for your print marketing that when scanned will bring your clients directly to your mobile friendly website.
E-Commerce Simple Shopping Cart
Simply type in your product information and prices and upload images to start selling online today! Our simple cart features unlimited products, product images, shipping integration, promotion and discount generators.
Password Protected Page Manager
Secure your important information using password protected pages. Create secured groups or individuals for file sharing, secured information access and more.
Social Media Integration
No coding needed with a click of a button you can share your information with your social networks and give your visitors the tools they need to share with their networks.
Search Engine Friendly Blog
We code your Blog directly into your website to keep your visitors on your website and engaged, an added bonus is Google loves fresh content. Blogs are an easy tool to help clients understand your business, keep them informed on promotions, increase traffic, share on Facebook.
Website Event Calendar
Our website event calendar is a great tool to keep clients coming back to your website again and again to see what is happening. Plus with our new RSVP feature invite guests through the calendar .
Customizable Contact or Get A Quote Forms
Customize a Contact Us Form or Request a Quote form. Choose from a large selection of general field options. Easily add a second form to be used for other purposes. All forms are codes to be automatically forwarded to your email within minutes.
Email Marketing Newsletter Manager
With your website you receive our E-newsletter manager, you can send HTML newsletters to the subscribers that sign up through your website and import additonal contact lists.