We can help you manage and deal with all your technology vendors so you don't have to.

Technology Vendor Management Services for Miramar , Broward and Miami

Boost your productivity.


Can you imagine how much more productive you could be throughout your entire business processes if you and your staff only have to work with a single-point of contact for all of your hardware, software and technological vendor management needs?


LogixCare of Miami can become the focal point for all of your technological systems solutions. We will take care of managing all the vendors and service agents of your phone systems, computer equipment, networks, scanners, copiers, faxes and all other technological applications and take responsibility for finding solutions whenever a problem may arise.

This can drive your productivity by giving you and your staff time to focus on ‘big picture’ solutions and important decision-making processes that will impact your business where it counts.


By eliminating the tedious administrative burden of dealing with multiple vendors and maintenance service agents, you and your staff can concentrate your energies on boosting your business processes and generating increased revenue.

LogixCare’s Vendor Management Program will allow you a familiar and single point of contact who can focus on finding solutions to each individual hardware, software and technological issue, as and when they arise. This is the quick and seamless approach to getting your business operations up and running together smoothly and to keeping them that way with minimum distractions and downtime.


As a True Partner, LogixCare will look after all of your computer repairs, network support, disaster recovery programs and other IT services, so that you and your staff can concentrate on the important business at hand, while we keep your logistical and administrative operations running as they should.