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LogixCare’s professional IT consultants offer small businesses in Miami, Miramar, Broward and nearby locations affordable computer repairs, IT solutions, network support, disaster recovery programs and other IT support services.


Cloud Solutions for Miami, Broward and Miramar


Most small businesses would prefer to be busy generating income rather than getting distracted with handling all of their web development, file and web servers, email providers, workstations and other IT needs.


This is where LogixCare, LLC, can be of great service providing IT solutions, network support and repairs, disaster recovery and other IT service for Miami, Broward and Miramar companies. We are not like other, traditional outsourcing companies – we like to think of ourselves rather as a sort of remote extension of your own small business – your own highly personalized remote IT department.


Our professional and highly competent personnel can handle all your IT needs. We can become your webmaster, email administrator, IT staff, web developer and overall contact point for any technology needs you may have. We can assist you in understanding, evaluating, testing, configuring, and implementing all the IT solutions you desire – and keep you at the front of the pack with new technological advances as they come out.


When you partner with LogixCare of Miami, we will create a customized IT package that lets you maximize your competitive advantage – a fine-tuned combination of cloud computing and on-site servers. We will manage, secure, patch and implement quick and effective IT solutions to keep your Miami, Miramar or Broward small business up and running efficiently - in a very competent and effective way that is far more affordable than maintaining an entire in-house IT department.


(Quick translation: Our cloud solutions are based on clusters of off-site servers housed in well-maintained, very secure, climate controlled operational network centers. Your small business has access to all the hosting services and applications you need – anything from mobile phone applications, accounting and word processing programs, customer relationship management applications, widgets and more. We take care of keeping the systems and programs up and running so that you can get on with your business at hand.


The great benefits of cloud-based rather than on-site systems are:


Lower costs: The actual applications are stored on the centralized cloud platform, so you don’t need a local LAN, server or on-site IT professional. All cloud applications are available for you to use on an ‘on-demand’ basis. This means that you pay as you go and only for what you use.


Cloud platforms are infinitely adjustable to suit your business needs: Gone are the days where your in-house systems are clogged with out of date programs and software that has become obsolete. Our cloud platform is constantly being updated which means that you too can enjoy access to the latest software developments as and when they become available. Cloud platforms are indefinitely scalable and adjustable too, and are designed to deal with ever changing demand, so you will always have instant access whenever you need it.


Cost efficient: Cloud platforms are very cost efficient since you’ll no longer require a dedicated, professional IT manager or systems or server upgrades. All troubleshooting and installation services are handled and paid for by the actual application service providers...


User Collaboration: With our Enterprise cloud platform, user collaboration among two or more workers in real time is easy and efficient. All your personnel can access all your business applications any time, any place so small businesses that have limited resources and personnel can work together as and when they need and not only within regular office hours.


LogixCare: our professional and affordable computer repairs, disaster recovery programs, network and other IT consultant and computer support services will give your Miami, Miramar or Broward small business the competitive advantage it needs to keep ahead of the game.